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Adventures with Spirit Podcast

Nov 2, 2022

What do you think of when you hear the words journaling or automatic writing? It may call in memories of angsty teenage years, but did you know they can also be  powerful tools on your spiritual journey?

On today’s episode of Adventures With Spirit, we dive into both journaling and automatic writing practices, discussing what these tools are, why we use them, and how they can help you understand your soul more fully while helping to create a direct line to Spirit. We invite you to join our conversation and come with an open mind to leave old, and maybe even triggering, definitions behind and to create space for a uniquely crafted practice that can support you throughout your life adventures.

This episode, we discuss:

[02:51] How Jessica went from hating to loving journaling

[04:38] Our personal reasons for journaling

[07:38] What journaling can look like and what it can do for your spiritual journey

[15:22] The process and value of automatic writing

[18:51] How to start automatic writing

[28:35] How to create a safe space for automatic writing and journaling

[29:32] Soul journaling and automatic writing prompts

[38:24] Updates from Adventures With Spirit

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