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Adventures with Spirit Podcast

Oct 19, 2022

Why are sacred spaces and rituals important? Used in the metaphysical and religious worlds, these terms can feel confusing, even triggering, when we are trying to align them with our past understandings and our new perspectives. On today’s episode of Adventures with Spirit, we discuss how to find a place of comfort for ourselves while making space for these ideas.. Grab a cup of tea and sit with us as we dive into maintaining the integrity of sacred space and ritual, how creating sacred space allows Spirit to work, and what to do when our past experiences cause us to feel uncomfortable as we use these tools to tap into our inner voice.

This episode, we discuss:

[02:26] Our childhood experiences of tuning into our own inner voices and rituals

As you grow and evolve as a human being, so will your prayers, rituals, and sacred space.

Jessica expresses that even though she loves prayer now, she still is sometimes triggered by the word as it is reminiscent of her past experiences with prayer. She felt that recited prayers moved her further away from Spirit as they weren’t her own words and didn’t connect with her true self. Now she feels prayer and her other rituals suit her more, because they are her words that carry deep meaning for her. Having a personal connection to the ritual or words in the prayer allow her to tune into and express her inner voice in an authentic way.

Andrea shares that she was raised in a Jewish and Catholic family, which challenged her and also opened her eyes to how she could have a relationship with Jesus that looked differently than others. She feels that it helped her reconcile her knowing that her relationship with Jesus didn’t quite fit into the typical religious connotation.

[09:51] What we mean by ‘ritual’

Simply put, a ritual is something that you do that holds great significance for you. For Andrea, her ritual includes starting her morning by creating a sacred space and spending time with her guides, angels, and loved ones while in her prayer space. For others, a ritual could be getting coffee in the morning and being mindful of what you’re grateful for that day. The key piece to a ritual is having intentionality behind the habit.

[13:39] Intention setting, prayers, and requests

For us, our ritual involves settling in, calming our minds, and opening with a prayer with the intention that we're creating sacred space. However, you don't have to be giving readings, teaching classes, or recording a podcast; you can invite that sacred space into wherever you are with your intentions. When you think about intention, think about your ‘why’ and what your goal would be.

Prayer and requests are interchangeable, so we encourage you to use whichever term makes you feel most comfortable. Prayers and intention setting are often an expression of things or requests for help, and these practices are activating a rapport with the being that you are asking to respond to your request.

[16:39] Why it’s important to make space for Spirit to work

When you’re asking to receive, you also have to give, as in you have to give space to receive it. When we leave space for Spirit to work their magic, we keep ourselves open to receiving answers in whichever form they may come.

[19:00] How rituals, sacred space, prayer, intention setting, and your inner voice are all entwined

Rituals, sacred space, prayer, intention setting: What do they have in common? They’re all connected to your inner voice. It all comes back to finding an authentic way to express your Higher self. Just as we all connect with Spirit in different ways, we also have to learn what helps us connect to our unique inner voice. It’s a journey of bringing Spirit closer each step of the way.

[24:10] Ways you can create sacred space (and our personal practices)

Over the next few episodes of our podcast, we’re going to be sharing and experimenting with different ways to create sacred space and connect to our inner voice. We would ask that you choose one that really resonates with you and just play in the energy of being open and creating space with this new ritual. Be willing to try new things and different suggestions we discuss here on the podcast, and find your favorite way of creating sacred space in your life.

Some of our favorite ways to create sacred space include lighting incense or a candle, personalized prayers, grounding and protection, mediation and spending time in nature.

[28:57] Sacred space and altars

Altars, like the word prayer, can be a triggering term for some, but it is simply a physical expression of what's happening in your spiritual world. Your altar can change throughout life’s seasons and is a part of your sacred space. It includes items that make you feel good, such as pictures of your family and other loved ones, crystals, or other items. Your altar should be filled with what is sacred to you, and should be created with intention, tuning into your inner voice to feel out what you need to create your space. If you decide to incorporate an altar into your practice and space, you will find that it shifts the energy of the room.

[43:13] Creating sacred space in integrity

Whether speaking about it from a metaphysical or religious perspective, integrity of sacred space is important and incredibly helpful for you in connecting to your inner voice, guides, angels, and the world around you. A sacred space created in integrity will help you focus so that your intention becomes manifest.

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